About Us

About Us


Finite spaces Interior Décor is an upcoming Interior designing Company, delivering turnkey solutions for futuristic interactive and automated residential and commercial spaces. We conceptualize and execute distinctive projects that are highly personalized, functional and creative. We also strive towards identifying the charisma and uniqueness of every commercial space or home and transform it into a complimentary interior aesthetic.

We firmly believe that our client’s commercial or living space should reflect their personality. Our designs strikes a harmonious balance between eclecticism and minimalism, as it’s our endeavour to find the understated luxury in each environment and has been appriceiated all around Durgapur, Kolkata, Bardhaman & Bankura

Our Mission - “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

We strive to bring you the latest global trends in design and technology as we firmly believe that design is not just about looks but also about the feel, how it works , how it interacts to you on a day to day basis making lives pleasurable.

Thought of Finite Spaces

We ensure stewardship of your long term investment and due diligence of a realistic budget. Our professionalism is evident in our involvement in the fabrication of your custom product and the way in which we supervise our skilled contractors on site. The personal touch is evident in the quality of our deliverables and in the confidence our clients feel when collaborating with our designers and rest of the team.

The story of Finite Spaces & The Founder

Gourav Butt, Finite Spaces founder ,transformed his passion of architecture and function into a detailed study of interior and product design at Kolkata.What initially started as hobby projects in a finite space in the corner of a garage in Kolkata,became such a hit that Gourav was motivated to go big into other cities Durgapur, Bankura & Bardhaman and hence was born FINITE SPACES.

His Vision was to create a trusted brand of engineering & designing professionals who are invested in game changing integration of architectural spaces and automation thereby transforming homes and offices into revloutionary living and work spaces. Launched in 2014 Finite Spaces is now the trusted brand for complete home/commercial space interior design for hundreds of happy customers.

Our Experienced Team


Suman Mukherjee

Electrical Consultant


Atul Sharma

Architectural Consultant


Somnath Bag


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